Brebeuf Tour 2024

A tour of the relics of St. Jean de Brebeuf sponsored by the Jesuits of Canada and the United States

We're hitting the road at the start of Lent. We'd love to have you along for the journey.

“May you be loved! Yes, my God, if all the torments that the captives endure in these regions, if all their cruel afflictions shall fall upon me, I offer myself with all my heart to suffer them alone!”

St. Jean de Brebeuf, from his Spiritual Journal
large skull

Jesuits are traveling with
the relics across the USA

We're heading from Ontario to Colorado, then through Kansas and Oklahoma, to Texas and beyond!

We'll speak about the relics
and how to venerate them

Sharing the story of the life and death of the missionary-martyr, we'll delve into the history of the relics and how to pray with them.

Take what you receive and
go home or go on mission

After you see the relics, continue your journey with the help of St. Jean de Brebeuf.